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Trụ sở chính KHNP nằm ở phong cảnh miền núi của Gyeongju, Hàn Quốc, trụ sở điện hạt nhân Hàn Quốc Hydro tránh trở thành một tháp mốc gây khó chịu để tôn trọng các khía cạnh địa lý và lịch sử của trang web. A, thiết kế đơn giản sạch sẽ đại diện cho nền văn hóa phong phú của Gyeongju cũng sẽ trở thành một biểu tượng của KHNP như tác giả của phương tiện sạch và an toàn nhất trên thế giới sản xuất năng lượng. Bọc trong một vỏ Corten thép, xây dựng trụ sở chính là một kiến ​​trúc tinh tế pha trộn với và ló ra khỏi sườn núi lân cận.

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Cairo Metro Tower

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Stuart Weitzman shoe boutique by Zaha Hadid

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Zaha Hadid boutique



Cửa hàng Zaha Hadid  (1)


Zaha Hadid has completed a Hong Kong boutique for Stuart Weitzman – her latest sinuous store interior for the American footwear designer.

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Casino resort in Macau

Casino resort in Macau (1)

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled images of a 40-storey hotel with an exposed exoskeleton that is under construction in Macau, China 

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Wave Glider roof

mai luon song (1) 

New York firm Studio Link-Arc and a team from Tsinghua University have revealed their competition-winning design for a pavilion with an undulating roof to represent China at the World Expo 2015 in Milan.

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Helix Hotel by Leeser Architecture

Khách sạn Helix của Kiến trúc Leeser (1)

 New York design firm Leeser Architecture have won a competition to design a hotel in the Zayed Bay district of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Set amidst an enclave of black and white houses just off the prime Orchard/Scotts Road area, and against a verdant 20-hectare backdrop of greenery, the 210-unit Goodwood Residence is conceived on a macro scale as a breathing space – a rarity in high density urbanised Singapore – and an extension of the Goodwood Hill tree conservation area that it shares a boundary of 150m with. Articulated as two 12-storey L-shaped blocks, the 2.5-hectare development dialogues with the hill that it embraces and merges with in a language of openness and continuity made expressive by varying degrees of scale and privacy.


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Cầu thang treo kết hợp với bàn (1)

Residents climb over an integrated deskstorage space and shelving to reach the suspended upper section of this staircase by Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer.

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Which profession fit for you ?

Which profession fit for you ?


Choose a suitable profession for myself , easy to apply for a job after college , and not too high benchmark that is desired by most of the students as well as parents . However, in the present stage it is not simple .
We would like to introduce parents and students to a number of industries that can apply to work for 4 years for them to reference .
Power Sector – Electronics : Easy to apply for a job
Graduated electricity sectors – electronics student performance , maintenance , repair , improvement upgrade systems , electronic devices , as well as research, development , industrial electronic applications in life daily life .
Currently, staff recruitment needs power management system – in the business of electronic production is very large , or if not apply for a job in the business , graduates can also work in factories , small factories and businesses may open repair electrical , appliances , furniture for people.
Benchmark power sector – not too high electron , at the University of intakes years ago , this group ranges from 14 to 21 points . According to education experts , the electricity sector – electronics that are suitable for the student areas are gradually away from economic development , as well as school children do not need to know ask what the company has always focused on the knowledge and capacity of students.
In agriculture – forestry – fishery : Stable
In the previous years intakes showed that agriculture – forestry – fishery are less interested applicants , however the disciplines of forestry, there are many job opportunities for investment by the State in this sector is very large to boost production .
This sector has a lot of different industries such as natural resource management , biotechnology , crop protection , crop science , post harvest technology , livestock , veterinary , farming, aquaculture products , … it is easy to see in the contestants and their parents do not want children to study because that school for 4 years that the farmers do .
However, if understood properly in this group of graduates will be very easy to apply for a job , because according to the analysis of labor demand by 2020 , the human resources in agriculture – forestry – fishery will fall about 3.2 million trained workers . Graduates do not work in the rice field or forest , but only on the research and manufacturing .
Point matriculated in agriculture – forestry – fishery is not high , only points ranged floor of MOET , only the biotech industry has admitted the highest point is 17 points .
Technology Sector : New but attractive
In group 2 industry sectors are most interested contestants that food technology and environmental technology sectors , however outside the discipline name is ” hot ” is not less contestants still unknown sector this school will do .
For the food industry , the new bachelor will work in areas related to operational production line technology , participating in the design and manufacture equipment and technology, creating new materials in the food sector or pharmaceutical chemistry .
For the environmental technology sector , workers may elect design, construction , operation and management of water supply and drainage system , the waste water treatment works for factories and industrial zones , processing technology and solid waste management activities – industrial solid waste and hazardous waste .
Bachelor of environmental technology has the ability to predict and detect environmental problems has and will occur , and how to organize the enforcement remedies , remedy , prevention of incidents occurred harmful to the environment .
As stated by the contestants , now two disciplines are very ” hot ” and very promising for employment in the coming years . Therefore, the benchmark of the industry is quite high , ranging from 18-21 points.
Social Sectors : Quite possibly the high income
In addition to journalism and the law , the current trend of the contestants in the selection lines are ” dodging ” the social sector for employment opportunities after graduation less , the unemployment rate much . However, many leaders of the social sector , said many professions of scarce human resources .
Some social sector has great potential for employment in the next year as International Studies , Oriental Studies , Nom industry , Vietnam education , tourism , culture , education and publishing … When this industry , after students leaving school will be made ​​at the research Institute , associations , government departments or state may also lecturer at the university .
Current social sector needed quality manpower for the majority of candidates have good intentions pursuing degrees in economics and finance – banking , … Therefore, if you have the passion and power sector learning good , certainly graduates will be employed as desired .
Specifically, as the tourism industry , in the learning process of students learning foreign languages ​​more different , the rate of employment in the travel and tourism company great , the tour guides go abroad with high salaries than the economic sector is very ordinary story .
With a number of other social sectors too, many candidates thought that studying social work at the only state with a lower monthly salary but also need to ask to know. However, it is entirely wrong thinking because students complete these industries can do at the company activities , such as organizing events , aggregate , publish , …
Architects – Job in the most gallant craft

Architecture is a specific branch located between two fields of art and engineering . A successful architect who is known to reconcile the two areas that seem contradictory : creativity , romance on the basis of technical mastery , new technology updates , showing the beauty of the calculations based on the determined , strong . Should that be the reason Architecture called with a name so beautiful – the most pompous profession in the profession . They turned the human needs for shelter , activities , entertainment , work etc. .. the photos and blueprints of the buildings that will be built later by other people .

It is not too difficult for a talented architect to find a good position in the renowned company in the field of design and construction works . Architects may practice independently or working in consulting organizations – architectural design of civil and industrial , urban planning , design rights monitoring the civil works , industrial . ? ? Architects can join the project management unit of work , the organization of state management in the field of architecture – construction , or participate in research teaching training institutions , universities school .

The industry does not need to know to apply for a job , so for those candidates without economic conditions , social relations but want to get rich , the architecture is very suitable to the selected candidates .
According to education experts , to get a good job after this , the candidate should not follow the racing industry ” topping ” should choose a career that is right for you . As is appropriate to their abilities , then we can do well . So enjoy the new school and certainly better employment opportunities after graduation for those who always have the best academic results .
You can study at : University Architecture Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture . Ho Chi Minh City University of Construction, founded a university in eastern Chengdu, People-founded University of the East , School of International Training Architecture 3DA … etc.

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